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Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game


Sunday I bought the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game, based off the Mouse Guard Bi Monthly Comic, after I stumbled across it Saturday at one of my favorite shops in Spokame, Merlyn’s.

Now you can play as a mouse with a sword!

Now you can play as a mouse with a sword!

What caught my eye about this particular game is the beautiful cover artwork, which has subsequently caused me to order the two hardback collections of the Mouse Guard Comic: Fall 1152, and Winter 1152.  The artwork is beautiful and the rulebook doesn’t use it sparingly.

After spending some time reading though the rules, I’ve discovered that this Role playing game is of a different breed.  It’s a little more structured than your standard RPG, (D&D) but I don’t see that being an issue.  The conversational tone of the rulebook also makes it a very pleasurable read.

While I’ve not actually had a chance to play it, the unique play style is something I’m really looking forward to experiencing.  I will be sure to make a follow up post about the experience after we play a few sessions.

In the mean time, Gnomestew has a fantastic review on Mouse Guard.

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